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Cyber Security

Today’s rapidly connecting world presents more challenges for cyber security professionals and everybody is heavily dependent on computers and networks. It spans from running the governments, managing large operations like flight controls to controlling dam and energy projects and managing small and large business organizations in terms of storing and processing data. Internet of Things (IoT) has even gone a step ahead by connecting active devices on large networks to accomplish certain tasks. This emergence of IoT is posing new threats to already existing numerous challenges faced by cyber security professionals. The more networks are growing, the more opportunities these present to hackers and cyber attackers to steal data and manipulate devices by using a variety of methods like denial of service (DDoS) attacks and ransom attacks.

SafeClick being the cyber security expert firm is closely working with different cyber security organizations and professionals to provide a fail safe IT environments for their clients. We provide different cyber security services to safeguard the investment and trust of over valued customers that they make in IT infrastructure. Our mission is provide our customers a safe and protected IT environment where they can continue their business operations with minimal exposure to the cyber attacks. We take pride in our highly sophisticated team of professionals, who work very hard in creating a secure yet connected IT infrastructure.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment is a specialized area, where vulnerabilities are detected and fixed. It can be very challenging to approach these kinds of threats without appropriate tools and skillset. These vulnerabilities include policy non-compliances, low hanging fruits, low-level security threats caused by wrong configuration and absence of security baseline to secure organizations’ networks and devices connected to the local area networks and/or The Internet. These threats are normally vulnerable and provide the entry point for intruders and attackers to gain access of the networks/devices, if not protected appropriately. The organizations emerged as a result of these connected devices have plenty on stake when it comes to the security of these networked devices. This is certainly the high time to get the vulnerability assessment of the overall environment to make sure that the risk exposure is minimum and intruders and attackers don’t grab on these low hanging fruits.

SafeClick provides vulnerability assessment services through highly professional domain knowledge experts. The assessment would help the organizations to assess the threat level with each identified vulnerability factor and the strategy to counter the identified threat. Our highly professional team would ensure that your business is least vulnerable against the threats caused by non-compliance of the policies and configuration gaps by the inexperienced staff.  We are proud to be associated with industry’s leading professional organizations and share the best practices tools and skills used in the cyber security arena to provide best of the class vulnerability assessments.

Penetration Test

Increasing complexity of computing environments with multi-layer architectures, web services, multiple server environments and increasing trend of IoT are confronted with the demanding challenge of ensuring the security of the environment. Penetration testing helps in determining the existing loopholes in the environment by simulating the attacks. These simulations include internal and external attacks and help in determining the level of risk that an organization is exposed to. This knowledge further helps in determining the strategies to fix the flaws. Penetration testing is different from vulnerability assessment as the assessment just discovers the possible vulnerability in the given environment, whereas penetration testing actually describes how far an intruder can gain access of the system or devices.

SafeClick provides penetration services through their highly trained and professional staff and consultants, who carry out the real time penetration testing to find the flaws in an organization’s IT environment. We ensure that all latest tools, methods and industry best practicing are utilized for optimum results. For this purpose we also have partnered with the industry leaders to have access to the state of the art resources to provide best services to our clients.


Encryption refers to the security of the data files. It allows the authorized access to data by using encryption technologies for databases, database backups, files and folders, emails and all type of data files that may be vulnerable if stored without encryption. The methodology includes the policy establishment and management of public, private and shared keys at one central place to automate the authorized access of data to the users. It also helps in differentiating the roles of security and database administrators. The security of data is utmost priority of all business organizations to protect its usage from unauthorized and malicious attackers.

We at SafeClick offer solutions for files and folders encryption. Our services include from protecting single user workstations to enterprise data security solutions including in-house data protection and cloud based files and folder protection. We provide encryption solutions to protect the data access from attackers and intruders. Our services include:

  • File encryption
  • External Disk Encryption
  • Cloud Encryption
  • E-mail encryption
  • Encrypted file exchange among users
  • Data encryption of Laptops, Personal Computers and Servers

To know more about our services please drop us a query and we will be more than obliged to get back to you with your required services.

Data Leakage Prevention

Today’s businesses are not facing the challenges from external threats only, but they are also confronted with the internal threats of data leakage. Data Leakage also referred to as Data Loss comes from internal data leakages, where the employees unknowingly or maliciously share the organization’s confidential information with outside world. Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) is enforced through business rules and software solutions, where employees are blocked to share the data through public platforms including emails and cloud based data sharing platforms like Dropbox etc. DLP policies and software solutions ensure that someone trying to share the confidential information is not permitted to do so. This is one of the emerging measures to safeguard organizations’ confidential or copyright protected data.

SafeClick helps its clients to develop policies and methodologies, through rigorous study of identification of confidential data, to safeguard against data leakages. It requires careful analysis of network infrastructure and workflow in order to develop and implement a dedicated and secure software solution to prevent any attempt of data theft. Our team of highly trained professional in the domain of data leakage prevention ensures that organizations take full advantage of the emerging trends in this field to maximize their data protection.


CryptoLocker is a Worm that encrypts your files belong your IT Infrastructure and asks for a ransom to grant back the access of the infected (encrypted) files. The malware gives the infected users a limited time for the payment and increases the ransom amount with the passage of time. This Worm has infected millions of systems all over the globe and its attacks are even increasing posing a greater threat to data loss. According to a study almost 325 billion dollars have been paid, since its introduction, to get rid of this malware. There are however remedies to safeguard against this threat.

Thanks to the continuous research at SafeClick lab, which specializes in getting rid of different types of cryptolocker malware threats. We can provide customized solutions against the crytolocker malware and can help in providing the retrieval services of the infected files. We fully understand the importance of confidential and critical business data and through appropriate measures, ensure that hackers and malware developers do not have access to your data files and even retrieve the access to those files in case these get infected. In case you have any query regarding our CryptoLocker remedial services please get in touch with us and we will take care of your data security needs.

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