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Safeclick guides you when choosing the most appropriate tools and technologies to design, execute, build and manage next generation networking solutions. It also offers you the best services for IT infrastructure, the latest hardware devices and software at the right price and top-level technical assistance thanks to our expert and experienced staff.

Networking solutions

Designing a corporate network means automating and simplifying processes, guaranteeing best performance for users, protecting their data from potential threats and reducing costs.
Safeclick provides next-generation, future-oriented networking solutions based on your specific needs to guarantee the operational continuity of your business. Our experts help you create effective user experiences to reach your customers or to encourage your employees and collaborators.

IT infrastructure services

Our IT infrastructure services include:

  • Real-time analysis and monitoring
  • Security management
  • Data recovery and backup management
  • Network management
  • IT research and innovation
  • Assistance

Software and Hardware

As part of our value-added service, we can provide you with the latest hardware devices and software: computers, laptops, servers, network equipment, security products and a whole lot more. We are associated with leading manufacturers and retail companies that enable us to provide you with the right hardware for your business at the right price.

Technical and IT support

We are a complete service center with extensive IT knowledge and top-level professional staff. Each one of our customers can request the following services:

  • Intelligent support: our customers always find the right answer to their questions, independently of the modality with which they interact with us. We offer proactive and reactive support that directs you to the most appropriate people to solve your problem fast.
  • Collaborative support: we can solve all your problems, from the simplest to the most complex. We can interact with top-level experts and programmers because we are a team of service providers who work together well to guarantee all our customers the best assistance.
  • Automated support: we can intervene automatically by having our customers open a ticket and sending them notifications. This enables us to provide quick and timely solutions within very short timeframes.

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