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Virtual Dispersive Networking (VDN)

Smart Grid technologies

SAML and the Cloud

Next Generation Breach Detection

Virtual Dispersive Networking (VDN)

Virtual Dispersive Network (VDN) is a revolutionary technology hat has taken cybersecurity a step ahead of hackers trying to access transferred data via various online methods. During transfer, data is more vulnerable. SSL and VPN do not guarantee transfer protection. So this is where the Virtual Dispersive Network comes into play.

Absolute security

VDN divides the original message into several parts, encrypts each component separately and routes it to multiple servers, computers and even cell phones. preading data across multiple paths eliminates the Man-in-the-Middle threat. Hackers can only obtain a small part of the original data on any given path, which makes the obtained data meaningless and almost impossible to decrypt.

Maximum resilience

if a connection goes down on any of the various paths due to network failure, the data packets are redirected to an already existing path or else an additional path is created, resulting in negligible network downtime.

High speed/performance

ince the data flow comes from multiple independent paths which use unique methods, available bandwidth increases and data flow is optimized on the individual paths. This greatly improves speed and performance.

Smart Grid technologies

Smart Grid technologies represent arevolution in the world of electrical power and telecommunications: it’s a new, smart and decentralized way of understanding the distribution of electrical power, which minimizes overloads and voltage variations.


any production peaks of renewable energy (during the summer months, for example) can be sustained while ensuring that the entire electricity system does not collapse during lower production periods.


the capacity of the existing grid can be used in a smarter and more efficient way, thanks to the development of a Smart Grid.


new management, control and protection methods can be introduced to guarantee a greater capacity to integrate different sources of electricity, thereby improving the level of security and reliability of the entire system.

SAML and the Cloud

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is an authentication protocol that enables secure communication between multiple domains and between the public cloud and other SAML-enabled systems. In practice, it allows identity providers and service providers to exchange user information securely, by enabling user authentication across multiple services.


It is a ubiquitous protocol supported by various service provider applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, Webex, ADP, and Zoom.


it enables SSO by facilitating the exchange of information between three parties: users, identity providers, and service providers.

Next Generation
Breach Detection

Next Generation Breach Detection technologies do not offer prevention so much as containment, and aim to do so by analyzing all types of data and identifying attacks on a network, uncovering anomalies and taking corrective action such as blocking suspicious activity on all network endpoints.

Constant updates

these next-generation breach detection tools are updated frequently and automatically, eliminating the potential security gaps that can occur when updates are not downloaded promptly. Also, these are lightweight tools, which reduces the kind of overload that can degrade performance.

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