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Safeclick works closely with numerous companies and cybersecurity professionals to provide its customers with a secure IT environment. It advises you on the most appropriate security solutions to protect your IT network infrastructure, as well as your hardware devices and software. And, most importantly, it offers you maximum data protection and recovery in compliance with GDPR regulations.

Our services offer you the opportunity to counter and, above all, prevent cyberattacks, which have significantly increased worldwide over the last decade, in terms of their frequency, impact and dimensions:

  • 360° IT security
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration Test
  • Encryption
  • DLP (Data Leakage Prevention)
  • CryptoLocker

360° IT security

Today’s world is increasingly interconnected. Keeping systems and data secure is a challenge for companies. Cyber ​​security involves a wide range of applications: from managing the IT infrastructure of governments and local administrations to monitoring and control operations for flights, dams and power generation sites or management of the water supply chain, for example, as well as managing data storage and processing for large and small companies in the most diverse sectors. The Internet of Things (IoT) rapidly connects any device across large networks, enabling all of us to carry out our activities. And the more networks grow, the more opportunities they offer hackers and cybercriminals to steal data and manipulate devices. Among the most frequent attacks are Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) which tries to disrupt business activity or extort money from the companies they target and Ransomware, a type of virus that takes control of a user’s computer, encrypts the data, then demands a ransom to restore normal functioning.
What can companies do to combat all these dangers?

The solution

Safeclick is a company with expertise in 360° IT security that works closely with companies and industry professionals to provide its customers with a connected and secure IT environment. We offer a variety of services that help our customers safeguard their investment in IT infrastructure by avoiding costly production downtime, plant shutdowns or the loss of sensitive data. Our goal is to create an IT environment with 360° protection in which business operations can go ahead with minimal exposure to cyberattacks.

Vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is a specialized service that detects and highlights the weak points of a network. Without adequate tools and skills it can be very difficult to deal with this kind of problem. The vulnerabilities of a computer network can include: non-compliance with policies, a low level of security caused by an incorrect configuration or the lack of a level of security capable of guaranteeing the protection of both networks and corporate devices connected to VPNs, or to the Internet in general. These issues can provide an entry point for intruders and cybercriminals who want to gain access to networks/devices, if they aren’t adequately protected.
Hackers are always in action. If you want to counter them by thoroughly assessing the vulnerabilities of your network, the time to act is now.

The solution

Safeclick offers highly professional vulnerability assessment services. Vulnerability assessment is essential for companies because it is the starting point for building an effective strategy to counter and combat cyber threats. Our experienced team can help you to rapidly identify, quantify and classify vulnerabilities and find the best solutions to fix them.

Penetration Test

The growing complexity of data processing environments with multi-layer architectures, web services, multiple server environments and the growing use of IoT are a major challenge for ensuring the security of IT environments. Penetration testing helps identify existing gaps in IT infrastructures by simulating attacks. These simulations include both internal and external attacks and help determine the level of risk a company is exposed to. Penetration testing differs from vulnerability assessment in that the assessment highlights only the possible vulnerabilities of a given environment, whereas penetration testing effectively analyzes the extent to which an intruder can access the system or individual devices.

The solution

Safeclick offers penetration testing services performed by a highly qualified professional team that carries out real time tests to highlight all the criticalities in a company’s IT environment. o obtain the best results, we ensure that you are using all the tools, methodologies, and the most up-to-date best practices in your sector. To this end, we also collaborate with leading companies in the sector in order to access cutting-edge resources and provide our customers with the best services.


Encryption is an indispensable tool for ensuring the privacy and security of your data. It is a protection system based on encoding data, designed to make a message unreadable for anyone who does not have the key to decode it. The methodology involves defining policies for the management of public, private and shared keys in a single place in order to automate authorized access to data by users. Data security is the top priority for all companies to protect against cybercrime.

The solution

Safeclick offers solutions for encrypting files and folders. Our services range from protecting the computers of each individual user to security solutions for company data, including the protection of internal data and cloud-based files and folders. We provide encryption solutions to protect data from access by cybercriminals and intruders. Our services include:

  • File encryption
  • External disk encryption
  • Cloud encryption
  • Email encryption
  • Encrypted file exchange between users
  • Data encryption for laptops, computers and servers

DLP (Data Leakage/Loss Prevention)

Today companies have to cope not only with external threats but also with internal threats like data loss/leakage, where employees unwittingly or voluntarily share confidential company or customer information with the outside world. Data loss/leakage prevention (DLP) is carried out by defining and implementing company policies and using specific software solutions to block data sharing by employees via public platforms, including emails and websites or cloud-based data sharing applications like Dropbox, etc. DLP policies and software solutions ensure that any sharing of confidential information will be blocked.

The solution

Safeclick helps its customers develop policies and methodologies to prevent data leakage or the improper sharing of data. This means that we carry out a thorough analysis of network infrastructure and workflow in order to develop and implement a dedicated, secure software solution that can prevent any attempt to steal data. Our team of highly trained professionals ensures that companies can take full advantage of all the most advanced solutions available in this field to maximize the protection of their data.


CryptoLocker is a type of ransomware that infects Microsoft Windows systems via a Trojan that encrypts all their data. This malware grants users targeted by the ransomware only a limited time to pay a ransom, and increases the figure as time passes. The malware started to spread at the end of 2013, but never before have the phenomenon and its variants multiplied and spread as they have done in recent months.
According to one study, ransoms to the value of nearly 325 billion dollars have already been paid out. However, solutions do exist to safeguard your files from this threat. However, solutions do exist to safeguard your files from this threat.

The solution

Safeclick offers not just customized solutions to protect against CryptoLocker malware but can also help companies recover infected files. We know the value of the data that every company stores, so by taking the appropriate measures we ensure that cybercriminals and malware developers cannot access any of it.

If you’d like to find out more about our services, contact us straightaway. We’re here for you!

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If you’d like to find out more about our services, contact us straightaway. We’re here for you!